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ROCKWOOL, a resident of «Alabuga», is recognized as a world leader in sustainable development among building materials manufactures


Rockwool was rated 16th on Corporate Knights 2023 Global 100 list of the world’s most sustainable companies and was named the world leader in the building materials category.

The ranking is based on an assessment of 7,000 companies on 24 quantitative performance measures. Among the Global 100 measures are: investment in technology, management of resources, people and finances, and the positive impact of a company’s core products and services on people and the planet as a whole.

As part of the strategy of sustainable development in 2022, Rockwool Russia has launched a major renovation of its production facilities in order to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact in particular the reduction of CO2 emissions.

«Sustainability is one of the company’s key priorities. The importance of the citation is embedded in the product itself: Rockwool solutions are sustainable and can be recycled an infinite number of times. We are also set ourselves long-term goals for resource and environmental conservation, including reducing the use of municipal water per unit of production, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as waste from the production process to landfill» - commented Fatima Gazanova, Director of Public Relations at Rockwool Russia.

Also in 2018, Russia’s first production of Grodan high-tech substrates for crop production was opened at the production complex. Since the same year, the company implemented a system of separate collection of household waste. In February 2021 the plant produced its millionth ton of rock wool. The produced products are supplied to the Volga region, the Urals, Siberia and Kazakhstan.

Rockwool-Volga (the Russian structure of Rockwool) received the status of a resident of the special economic zone Alabuga in 2007. The stone wool production plant started work in 2012. The products are used for warmth-keeping, sound stripping and fire protection are designed for all types of buildings and constructions, as well as industrial equipment. The total investment volume of the enterprise is about 6.5 million rubles.

As a reminder «Alabuga» is the № 1 special economic zone in Russia. Today «Alabuga» is infrastructure partner of full-cycle, which provides the best engineering, construction, personnel, social infrastructure. More than 30 unique import-substituting productions, which are leaders in their industries, are located on the territory of SEZ. The total amount of private investment is 162 billion rubles, 10.5 thousand workplaces were created and the resident’s revenue for 2022 was more than 130 billion rubles.

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