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Russia's largest military-patriotic paintball competition ended in Alabuga


Last weekend on the territory of the special economic zone «Alabuga» the last large-scale military-patriotic paintball games were held this season, in which students of Russia's leading educational center for training skilled workers «Alabuga Polytech» with a target capacity of 10 thousand people a year and an invited professional team of players took part.

In the course of the grand event the participants followed a strict hierarchy. The best 1st year students acted as team sergeants and the captains were the most talented high school students. Each sergeant had 5 privates and each captain had 5 sergeants. In this way, the college students gained unique experience in leading groups of people. Alabuga's top managers managed to try on the role of generals. A total of more than 600 people took part in the tournament.

The large-scale military-patriotic games ended with the reconstruction of the assault on the Red October plant, where the Soviet army valiantly fought the enemy. Earlier also were recreated battle of Kalacha-on-Don and a breakthrough at the settlement of Soviet - the heroic battles that showed all the bravery and courage of Soviet soldiers.

According to the rules of the thematic battle, the team had to defeat a German squad consisting of professional paintball players, throw down the enemy's flag and plant the flag of victory. This kind of activity teaches college students physical endurance, tactical and strategic planning skills, management skills and a willingness to be responsible for their nation's security themselves.

«I enjoy leading a team, leading a squad into battle, completing assigned tasks, coming up with tactics and strategies. It's very interesting to work as a team, first you have to get all the information out to the NCOs and then to the enlisted men so everyone works well together. This tournament is a very important event, because it brings the team together and allows you to experience the company's corporate culture. Here you learn discipline and stress-resistance. It's cool that at Alabuga you can get such experience» said Sigurd Krupotkin, captain of the Manipula XV team.

In addition to physical development, the students of Alabuga Polytechnic also receive high-quality knowledge. Leading military historian Alexey Isayev delivered an interesting lecture about the Battle of Stalingrad at the educational center. He told in detail about the greatest battle that radically changed the course of the Great Patriotic War and answered questions of the students.

Students parents also support children's participation in military-patriotic games. Valery Yamukov likes the fact that his son spends his time in extracurricular hours with benefit and pleasure. «I'm very glad we sent our child to study at Alabuga Polytechnic. Here they teach history and instill ideas of patriotism. The tournament really helps the kids to unite and become even friendlier. And most importantly, they pay the most attention to safety. Everyone wears masks and protective clothing. I can be sure that my child is developing physically and spiritually under the guidance of professional mentors» shared the father of college student Vladimir Yamukov.

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