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Rustam Minnikhanov: «The aims are significant - 10 thousand people a year at Alabuga Polytech»


Rustam Minnikhanov, Rais of the Republic of Tatarstan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SEZ «Alabuga», held a supervisory council on staff supply in the special economic zone and visited Alabuga Polytech, Russia's largest educational center for training skilled workers, with a target capacity of 10,000 people per year.

«Today we introduced to dual education. We have set a task for ourselves - it is the annual training of 10 thousand people. The task is a serious one. This is the workforce that we need. Some issues require solutions on the scale of our Republic, and some need to be solved at the federal level. A huge amount has already been done,» Rustam Nurgaliyevich noted.

Timur Shagivaleev, General Director of SEZ «Alabuga», reminded that today 11 thousand jobs have been created in SEZ «Alabuga». At the same time, the perspective development plan approved the planned number of personnel in 2032 in the amount of 24,700 people.

«In 2023 we need 4,875 people. These are specialists in BIM design, electrical installation, economics, law, ACS TP, business informatics, microelectronics, medical science, electronics, pedagogy, water-borne sewage system, microcontroller programmer, operation of CNC machines and product quality management on composites,» Shagivaleev listed. - In 2024 the demand in personnel will make 7 thousand people, in 2025 - 10 thousand».

 The Head of Tatarstan supported the plan of realization of the need in personnel proposed by the SEZ «Alabuga».

The guests toured the infrastructure facilities of the special economic zone. In particular, the guests paid a visit to the technopark of SEZ «Alabuga». Rais talked to the students of Alabuga Polytech, noting their high qualification already in the first year of training. This result was achieved thanks to the dual educational program, which emphasizes a practice-oriented approach to learning. All student laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, on which college students learn to repair, assemble and run equipment, select equipment in accordance with the technical assignment.

For example, in the area of CMD&A section (instrumentation and automation), Alabuga Polytech students get practical skills to perform reconciliation of measuring instruments, as well as study theory in the field of ensuring uniformity of measurements, metrology and standardization. «If they already know so much in the first year, what about in the fourth? The guys are already ready specialists, ready to go to work», - said the head of the Republic.

Separately, Rustam Nurgaliyevich talked to a fourth-year student of Alabuga Polytech, Roman Tursunbaev, who at the age of 19 is already in charge of the RMC division (repair and mechanical shop), as well as supervises the internship of junior students.

«What is your salary? 300 thousand rubles? This is the kind of specialists we need at all levels,» Rais noted, advising the heads of ministries to pay attention to this kind of training practice.

Tursunbayev said that the mechanical-repair department is responsible for the correct operation of internal water supply, water disposal, supply and exhaust ventilation and heat supply networks in the buildings and facilities of SEZ «Alabuga», as well as for the timely operation of the locksmith workshop that supports each unit of the operation department.

The guests also got acquainted with the living conditions of students in comfortable modern hostels, which have everything they need and create all the conditions for a comfortable life. The complex consists of eight hostels, with an adjacent walking park. Each room of the hostel «Alabuga Polytech» is equipped with two beds with mattresses and drawers for storing things, a table, a chair and a closet. Each college student is provided with bed linen.

«Personal space is very important. And here everyone has it: for study, rest and recreation,» Rustam Nurgaliyevich emphasized.

The complex is named in honor of outstanding scientists, all hostels are named after people who contributed to the development of science and technology: Lobachevsky, Mendeleev, Popov, Korolev, Tsiolkovsky, Kulibin, Yablochkov.

The guests paid special attention to the medical center, where Alabuga Polytechnic trains unique medical specialists in the direction of «Medical Business and Medical Technology», capable of qualified operation and application of modern medical technologies. «The basics are necessary to know medical science. You can see that the facilities here are state-of-the-art. Our medical centers are not any worse than foreign ones. All conditions have been created here for training qualified personnel. Today you are training specialists here, and tomorrow they are already benefiting our society, treating people», - underlined Rais RT.

As a reminder, «Alabuga Polytech» is the largest educational center for the training of skilled workers with a target capacity of 10 thousand people per year. It implements a dual training program, under which college students in the first half of the day are trained on modern equipment under the mentorship of the best engineers of the resident plants of SEZ «Alabuga», and in the second half of the day - study subjects in institutions of secondary and specialized education. At the same time, they undergo internships in the company's specialized divisions. Upon completion of training, graduates become highly qualified and in-demand specialists in the labor market, having work experience behind them.

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