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Rustam Minnikhanov: The staff must be trained at house


At the plenary session of the Republican August Meeting of Education and Science Workers of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov emphasized the importance of the personnel shortage problem and mentioned «Alabuga Polytechnic» as a major project that aims to solve this problem. Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Tatyana Vasilyeva also took part in the meeting.

«Professional education is becoming more in demand and popular today. Well, the level today is completely different: we need skills, specialties, abilities. But nevertheless, we need to continue working in this direction - we have several large projects, such as Alabuga Polytechnic. There is a huge shortage of personnel. There will be no miracles, we need to train personnel at home, we need to attract young people from other regions, maybe even from other countries. This work must be continued» - said Rustam Minnikhanov, President of the Republic of Tatarstan.

«Alabuga Polytechnic» is the largest center for training qualified personnel in Russia with the capacity of 10 thousand people per year. The key advantages of Alabuga Polytechnic are: dual system of education, students from 1st year are already officially employed and get real work experience in the management company of the Special Economic Zone «Alabuga». Training is free of charge, a stipend of 30 thousand rubles and comfortable accommodation are provided. Training takes place under the direction of real engineers from the resident plants on modern equipment. Employment is guaranteed upon graduation.

«Availability of human resources in the Republic - this may be the most important point - then the investor will come and there will be new production» - stressed Rustam Minnikhanov.

The approach of «Alabuga Polytechnic» in the targeted training of personnel helps to increase productivity of future employees, increases their competitiveness in the labor market, solves the problems of employers - residents of SEZ «Alabuga» in attracting high-quality skilled workers.

«Alabuga» is a full-cycle infrastructure partner, which provides not only the best engineering, construction, financial infrastructure, but also personnel and social infrastructure. This allows investors to remove the problem of finding qualified personnel for new enterprises.

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