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Schoolchildren of the Republic of Tatarstan tried themselves as directors of the company. How was the largest Entrepreneurship Olympiad held?


On May 15, the results of a large-scale entrepreneurship Olympiad for the prize of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan among schoolchildren of grades 9-11 were summed up in the largest educational center for the training of workers «Alabuga Polytech». Recall that the start of the Olympiad was announced on February 18 by the President of the Republic Rustam Minnikhanov.

The opening speech was delivered by Farid Abdulganiev, Commissioner under the President of the Republic of Tatarstan for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs - Assistant to the President of the Republic of Tatarstan: «The task that entrepreneurs now face in the new circumstances is very difficult. SEZ «Alabuga» is the leader of production No. 1, there are also many questions here - and you will have to solve these tasks together with us. Once you have decided to take part for yourself, it is already very important, because you are already looking at life and prospects in a meaningful way. I am sure that in 5-10 years I will see you among the leaders of the Republic's economy. I wish you suc again and good luck!»

26 schoolchildren from 9 districts of the Republic of Tatarstan competed in the final. The Entrepreneurship Olympiad was held in 4 stages – 3,467 people took part in the correspondence, 248 people from all regions of the Republic took part in the full-time stage. The competition included the passage of the business simulator «Business cats», which allows you to identify the entrepreneurial abilities of candidates with the highest level of analytics, communication, and command skills. This is an effective and objective method of identifying talents, regardless of the grades in the certificate — on the one hand, it is an exciting game, and on the other hand, it is a good way to develop entrepreneurial abilities.

Graduates of grades 9-11 first competed online at the district level, where the best young entrepreneurs from the districts of the republic were determined, and then the winners of the district stages came to the full-time stage at a special assessment center, where they met with like-minded people and competed for the title of winners for 2 days.

On the second day, the finalists tried their hand already in a completely new and unique format of «Business cats» - a team tournament where 120 people participated at the same time – the team captains were the finalists of the Olympiad, the rest of the participants were joined by students of «Alabuga Polytech». Schoolchildren were able to feel themselves in the role of the director of a real company – they had a team consisting of 5 people at their disposal, where everyone had their own role and certain responsibilities – a buyer, a doctor, a salesman, a marketer. Credits were also added to the game, which is necessary for a more breakthrough start and increased chances of winning.

«I have acquired the skills of situation management, analysis, the ability to negotiate with people on the conditions I need, I began to think further and calculate my actions for the future», said Matvey Shumilov, the finalist of the Olympiad, a participant from the Yelabuga district.

The CEO of Alabuga Timur Shagivaleev took part in the award ceremony, congratulating the finalists of the Olympiad: «Our country imports products worth 20 trillion rubles – but why do we import? Because while we cannot organize production on our own – we do not have high-tech entrepreneurs. There are a lot of resources in our country – and we count on you, it's a big deal that you can organize a business, achieve your goals. You have shown yourself very seriously. It's great that you think outside the box, expand the boundaries of your knowledge. Congratulations to you!»

The main prize – a large monetary reward and the opportunity to enroll in the best educational college of the country for the preparation of working specialties «Alabuga Polytech» received:

1st place – Kamil Iskhakov, Nizhnekamsk

2nd place – Mirsaitov Bulat, Naberezhnye Chelny

3rd place – Zakirov Danil, Aznakaevo

So, with the help of their entrepreneurial ingenuity, schoolchildren will be able to realize themselves in the largest center for the training of working specialties «Alabuga Polytech» with a capacity of 10 thousand students annually – to get the most relevant specialty, a high scholarship, free housing, job security and the opportunity to study under the guidance of real engineers from leading world factories on modern equipment.

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