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SEZ «Alabuga» will start the realization of the largest logistic projects in Russia in March


SEZ «Alabuga» will start the construction of the international logistic complex by the name of the great Chinese reformist Deng Xiaoping this spring. The termination will become a part of the industrial park «Ethylene 600».

The logistic center will be the largest in Russia. It will be located in Tukaevsky district of Tatarstan – 7 km from Nizhnekamsk and 15 km from Naberezhnye Chelny, and also within easy reach of the M7 «Volga» federal highway and the international airport «Begishevo».

The primary terminal area upon the project will be 65 hectares. The length of the container yard will be 1.05 km, which will complete activities by the loading-unloading operations with a whole container train at once without additional switching services.

It is expected that the logistic center will receive and send back at least one train to China on a weekly basis. «This is a unique solution in our country. The best world experience, including the Chinese one, shows that it is very effective» noted Timur Shagivaleev, General Director of SEZ «Alabuga». The initial construction phase is planned to be realized till the end of 2023. The investment amount is 20 billion rubles.

Deng Xiaoping Terminal will provide services for multimodal transportation on the role of a transshipment terminal with the interaction of several modes of transport – road, rail and aviation in the future.

The logistic complex will provide services for short-term and long-term cargo storage, loading and unloading, order management and accounting of stored goods, stock recording, formation of cargo lots, etc.

The planned capacity of all execution phases of the logistics complex project is 100 thousand containers per year.

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