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The development of small towns with the use of social and personnel policies was discussed in the SEZ «Alabuga»


An extended meeting of the Personnel Committee was held on April 20 on the territory of the special economic zone «Alabuga». It was attended by the members of the INNOCAM Personnel Committee, the heads of personnel services of the enterprises of Tatarstan and other regions of Russia, as well as representatives of regional authorities.

In the course of the session the participants analyzed high-tech cases connected with the preservation and development of human capital in small towns. They also discussed the prospects of interaction between the authorities, education and business in the implementation of personnel and social policy.

Artem Galiev, Deputy Director General of HR, spoke to his colleagues about the experience of the SEZ «Alabuga» in terms of human resources. One of the most important projects is the creation of the largest educational center for training skilled workers «Alabuga Polytechnic». Collegiate students of Polytechnic are trained in the most in-demand areas on modern high-tech equipment. The students are instructed by real engineers from Alabuga's resident plants. Among other things, all students are guaranteed high scholarships, comfortable accommodation and official employment. Thus, the company grows human resources both for its own needs and for the SEZ residents.

During his speech Galiev also presented the program «Alabuga Start» to the audience. According to him, today there is a problem with hiring line staff, which is needed in large quantities in the implementation of major construction projects, in particular the Deng Xiaoping Logistics Center and SEZ «Novgorodskaya».

«Alabuga Start» has been operating in the test mode since last year and is aimed at employing foreign nationals in line positions. It is planned that in the next two years about three thousand people from Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America and the CIS countries will be recruited. The spokesperson explained: the look to other countries fell due to the fact that only a small fraction of young people want to be locksmiths or chemists-laboratorians. Today, students are more willing to choose «glamorous» specialties: programming, BIM-projecting and others.

In addition, the guests went on a tour of the Alabuga Polytechnic educational center. The participants of the meeting were shown innovative laboratories, as well as acting colleges told about the level of their training and living conditions.  

«Today we saw a unique example - Alabuga Polytechnic. This project will definitely be discussed by colleagues, as all companies cooperate with colleges. Each of those present surely tried on what they would like to develop for themselves» shared Svetlana Mikheeva, Chairman of the Personnel Committee.

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