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«The goal is 10,000 people a year.» Alabuga Polytechnic is moving ahead of the curve


Today, on September 1, there was a grand launch ceremony of the 2nd stage of the advanced development of Alabuga Polytechnic. This year 650 people became students of the first year of «Alabuga Polytechnic». The event was attended by Timur Shagivaleev, director general of the SEZ «Alabuga».

 «Congratulations on the beginning of the academic year. We have «Alabuga Polytechnic», which is located in the economic zone «Alabuga». What does this mean? These are good high-paying jobs, well-trained specialists» commented Rustam Minnikhanov, President of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Timur Shagivaleev has given start to the 2nd stage of development of the educational center that means increase in capacity up to 10 thousand people a year - thus, «Alabuga Polytechnic» will become the largest center on preparation of the qualified personnel in Russia. The key advantages of «Alabuga Polytechnic» are: dual system of education, students from the 1st year are officially employed, get real work experience in the management company of the Special Economic Zone «Alabuga». Training is free of charge, a stipend of 30 thousand rubles and comfortable accommodation are provided. Training takes place under the direction of real engineers from the resident plants on modern equipment. Upon completion of training, employment is guaranteed.

«Our country imports for 22 trillion rubles. Today we import not only iPads, but also seemingly trivial things like, for example, fans, inflatable swimming pools and even cat litter. That added value should stay within the country - we have all the resources and we need tech entrepreneurs who can move our country forward. On the other hand, our goal is to make you successful, competitive, affluent - which is how we see you in a few years. One of the most interesting and challenging years of your life awaits you. Your life will change completely. Now you are truly adults. The country needs people who can take responsibility», - commented Timur Shagivaleev, General Director of SEZ «Alabuga».

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