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The main thing is not to be afraid to talk to people – Alabuga Polytech hosts all-Russian school students’ entrepreneurship challenge


Alabuga Polytech, the largest vocational training center in Russia, recently hosted the nationwide entrepreneurship challenge for high school students. This prestigious event was organized in collaboration with Alabuga Special Economic Zone and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The competition attracted over 5000 students from across the country, with 1614 participants representing 67 regions of Russia and five CIS countries. These young entrepreneurs demonstrated their strategic thinking and business acumen by building the best strategies in the Business Cats simulators and showcasing their knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship.

The final stage of the challenge took place on April 14, where 24 of the most talented participants were invited to compete for the top prize. Their great ambitions, strategic thinking, and determination led the best of the best to victory.

Throughout the whole day, there was an intense struggle for the chance to enroll to the best educational center in Russia, Alabuga Polytech, and receive valuable prizes. The contest finalists received diplomas, certificates and a “jetpack” to start their careers. And the top three, depending on the location, were awatrded with a laptop, VR glasses and a Yandex.Station.

The prizewinners are:

1. Samir Ibragimov, the Republic of Tatarstan.

2. Rodion Akhmatov, the Republic of Bashkortostan.

3. Vyacheslav Pavlov, the Republic of Bashkortostan.

“I feel extremely positive emotions from the victory. I think that chance, the people I was able to meet here and make friends with, and, of course, my mental abilities played a big role in today's victory,” Samir shared.

According to him, only hard training will help you become a winner. The student devoted 3 hours to business simulation every day for a week.

“I wish the future participants of the challenge to train more, come up with tactics and come here. And the main thing is not to be afraid to communicate,” the champion summed up.

Congratulations to the winners, and we are waiting for all the finalists among our college students!

Alabuga Polytech is the largest educational center in Russia, it trains qualified labor and implements a dual education program. Thus, the college students in the first half of the day master their skills on modern equipment under the mentorship of the best engineers from SEZ Alabuga’s resident-plants, and in the second half, they study secondary-vocational subjects. Upon graduation, the alumni become highly qualified and in-demand professionals on the job market, already having work experience.

Alabuga Polytech’s students can get the most relevant specialty in 17 areas of training:

Industrial Robotics, Laboratory and Chemical Analysis, Business Programming, Microelectronics, CPCS, International Education, Electrical Engineering, BIM Design, Jurisprudence, Economics, Business Informatics on 1C Platform, Medical Equipment, Installation and Operation of Industrial Equipment, Programming of CNC machines, Air navigation and UAV Programming, Industrial Safety, General Medicine.

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