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The most important task for the country is career guidance for 8th-9th graders


Today, on September 15th in Sochi on the basis of the educational «Sirius» within the XVI International Congress-Exhibition «Young Professionals. Preparing staff for economic growth» discussed the training of personnel for business. The speaker was Timur Shagivaleev, General Director of Special Economic Zone «Alabuga», who presented the idea of compulsory vocational guidance for schoolchildren in 8th-9th grades on Business cats platform. Also attended the meeting were Russian Deputy Education Minister Denis Gribov, Andrei Komarov, member of the Board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Dmitry Glushko, rector of Moscow State University named after Ogarev (Saransk) and others.

The main goal of the proposed project is to increase the involvement of 9th graders in the «Professionalitet» program through early career guidance. The difficulty is that the results of career guidance depend on the involvement or non-involvement of local teachers. One of the solutions could be the Order of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation on compulsory career guidance for 8th-9th grades with the condition of transition to 9th grade or in the second half of 9th grade when passing the primary vocational guidance. Meanwhile, there are no winners or losers in career guidance, no good or bad results; it's essential to engaging students in the Professionalitet program and vocational education.

«We want to be the largest skilled worker training center in the country. If we don't have a workforce, we can't develop new industries. A lot of money has already been invested in Professionalitet, the last step left is to increase the involvement of schoolchildren. We know that the RF Ministry of Education is already doing a lot for this; there's the «Ticket to the Future» program, which is working well. At the same time, we need to increase engagement and take this step further. We have developed a program called «Business Cats» which allows for an in-depth orientation in the Professionalitet program. 120,000 users have already undergone career guidance there, and 80,000 people in the Republic of Tatarstan. And, importantly, at the Alabuga Polytechnic College, students from 40 regions of Russia study, which means that about 40,000 ninth-graders across the country have already gone through our program, been trained and got interested in the Profession. We try to involve people by any means in this important program» - commented Timur Shagivaleev, General Director of SEZ «Alabuga».

The initiatives of Alabuga are supported by Andrey Komarov, a member of the Board of RUIE, co-chair of the RUIE Committee for professional training and professional qualifications: «For quite a long time we have been hoping that the system of vocational education and training will be able to meet the needs of our employers. And this has been realized in Alabuga. Alabuga's experience in personnel training is unique. I advise everyone who is not familiar to study».

Minister of Education Sergei Kravtsov noted the importance of the idea of career guidance: «There are resources and opportunities - 10 hours of compulsory education. One hour was allotted for the Talking about Important lessons, which are held on Mondays today. Also minister of Education of RF suggested to allocate one or two hours for professional orientation of schoolchildren and to expand professional orientation as much as possible».

Deputy Education Minister Denis Gribov also supported the idea of career guidance, starting several years before school graduation, and shared the new practice in Russian schools, which will be implemented starting September 1st 2022. So, today the general education system has 10 variable hours during the school week. One of the hours will be devoted to career guidance work.

«Career guidance is included on a systematic basis - one of the hours per week students in all classes will be engaged in career guidance» said Denis Gribov.

«Alabuga Polytechnic» is a large center in Russia for training skilled workers with a target capacity of 10 thousand people a year. The key advantages of Alabuga Polytechnic are: dual system of education, students from the 1st year are already officially employed and get real work experience in the management company of the Special economic zone Alabuga. Training is free of charge, a stipend of 30 thousand rubles and comfortable accommodation are provided. Training takes place under the direction of real engineers from the resident plants on modern equipment. Upon completion of training, employment is guaranteed.

«Alabuga Polytechnic was the first in the Republic of Tatarstan to join the large-scale federal project «Professionalitet» in the field of mechanical engineering. As part of this project, students are given the opportunity to gain practical knowledge at the facilities of the infrastructure of the SEZ «Alabuga» and SEZ residents.

During the time of its existence, Alabuga Polytechnic has accumulated good experience, which is used in expert support of the «Professionalism» project in 70 clusters of the Russian Federation. Also «Alabuga Polytechnic» is a demonstration educational center in the framework of created clusters in the regions under the program «Professionalitet».

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