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The Year of Academic and Technological Growth in Tatarstan – Alabuga Polytech gathers young programmers from all over Russia


Alabuga Polytech Educational Center recently hosted the All-Russian Hackathon on Programming, Modeling, and Development from March 13 to 14. This event was organized by the IT-Cube Digital Education for Kids Center.

"Our mentors have designed tasks to allow you to showcase your entry-level professional skills. I believe this competition will bring you closer to advancing as skilled professionals. Alabuga Polytech is committed to supporting you in achieving your dreams and becoming true experts in your field," stated Elvira Fomina, Head of the Education Cluster Administration, addressing the young IT enthusiasts.

Over the course of two days, young men aged 12 to 17 from various regions of Russia competed for the title of the best. Despite their youth, these students already possess a deep understanding of the global programming world.

The prizes were distributed as follows:

In the nomination “Python Programming” in the age category of 12-14, the 1st place was taken by Arseny Tarakanov (IT Cube Center, Almetyevsk), the 2nd - Ernest Khusnutdinov (IT Cube Center, Almetyevsk); the 3rd - Vladislav Kazanbayev (IT Cube Center, Knyaginino).

In the age category of 15-17, the 1st place was taken by Dmitry Chugunov (IT Cube Alabuga, Yelabuga), the 2nd - Leonid Razuvaev (GBOU VO NGIEU, Knyaginino), the 3rd – Robert Mazitov (MBOU Secondary school No. 12, Oktyabrskiy).

And also, in the nomination “2D Development and modeling”, 1st place went to Peter Devzheev and Mikhail Anisimov (IT Cube Center, Almetyevsk); 2nd result by Ilya Lyadov and Danil Romanov (IT Cube Center, Alabuga), 3rd place by Ranis Khammatov and Rainur Khamidullin (CDC IT Cube, Alabuga).

At the conclusion of the All-Russian Hackathon, Ruslan Turdiev, the director of the Center for Digital Education for children at “IT-Cube Alabuga,” presented diplomas to the winners. Furthermore, all contestants were given certificates of participation and received memorable gifts as tokens of appreciation for their efforts.

The participants of the competition were amazed by the technical resources at Polytech; some students even expressed interest in pursuing further studies there. For example, 12-year-old Daniyar Khaliullin from Almetyevsk was particularly impressed by the variety of hands-on classes available at the educational center.

"I have learned many new things since arriving here to gain knowledge. I am impressed by Alabuga Polytech's advanced technology and extensive practical experience. I am planning to enroll here," shared Daniyar, expressing his views.

In 2022, the Center for Digital Education for children, known as "IT-Cube Alabuga," was established within the expansive educational complex of Alabuga Polytech. This center caters to schoolchildren aged 7 to 16, offering supplementary education in various fields including Python Programming, System Administration, Robot Programming, Mobile Development, VR/AR Application Development, Cyber Hygiene, and Big Data Management.

In the Republic of Tatarstan, 2024 has been declared the Year of Scientific and Technological Development. The Alabuga Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is actively participating in this initiative. For instance, Alabuga STEM international scientific conference was held this week.

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