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Timur Shagivaleev Announces Alabuga SEZ's plans for 2019 during TIDA's Final Panel

The final meeting of the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency's panel was held on 8 January in Kazan, where the General Director of Alabuga SEZ Timur Shagivaleev summarised last year's performance and announced the special economic zone's strategy and aims for the upcoming year.
In 2018, the Alabuga SEZ proved its leadership once again with top positions in Russian and international ratings of investment platforms. For the fourth time, Tatarstan's special economic zone earned a spot in the Global Free Zones of the Year special economic zone rating The implementation of a new Rockwool plant substrate manufacturing line earned Alabuga SEZ an award in the New Investment category. Moreover, Alabuga SEZ topped the rating of the most attractive special economic zones in Russia for investment prepared by the Association for the development of clusters and technology parks in Russia. Alabuga SEZ was determined as the best among 16 special economic zones in 13 regions. In 2018, the National Audit Office also declared Alabuga SEZ to be self-sustainable and running effectively.

The Chief Executive of TIDA Taliya Minullina also acknowledged Alabuga SEZ contributions to the Tatarstan investment climate and emphasised the effective operations of the special economic zone's director general Timur Shagivaleev.

In 2018, Alabuga residents made new investments topping RUB 10.7 bln. Seven new enterprises were opened on its territory: OOO MMK-Dzhoshkunoz-Alabuga plant (production of steel blanks for automobile industry), OOO Danaflex-Alabuga (plant of the leading Russian manufacturer of flexible packaging materials), OOO SMIT (pipe making), OOO ST-Alabuga plant (production of vehicles on a Ford chassis), AO Rostoner project (production of toner cartridges), Russian Wax LLC and Allied Mineral Products Rus.

Three other enterprises expanded their production departments (OOO MMK-Dzhoshkunoz-Alabuga launched services for the upgrade, adaptation and refinement of technological equipment; OOO Hayat-Kimya opened a new production line of sanitary and hygiene products; Rockwool plant was the first in Russia to launch the production of Grodan substrates for plant growth).

The Alabuga International School for the children of SEZ residents continues its successful operation as the first school in the Volga Region to offer International Baccalaureate educational programmes. The first hundred specialists have also graduated from Alabuga Corporate University, an education project launched in 2016 to help find the most ambitious executives for the special economic zone. Over 2 thousand people from all over Russia apply each time a new class is formed. This year's group was the fourth to graduate from the university, and since the first class 70% of graduates have received employment offers. This April, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives named the Alabuga corporate university among the top three HR development projects in Russia.

Timur Shagivaleev also spoke on the strategic development priorities in Alabuga SEZ, where in 3 years the special economic zone plans to create 3 regional platforms in Tatarstan, and in 5 years 10 federal platforms in other regions.

New enterprises currently planned to open in 2019 include OOO Avgust-Alabuga, specialising in the production of plant protection products; OOO Transneft Synthesis, specialising in anti-turbulence additions, and OOO TN-Alabuga, specialising in the production of one-component polyurethane assembly foams. OOO IGS Agro will start cultivation of champignon mushrooms and the production of compost and humus. INKO-TEK Agro Alabuga will launch the production of mineral fertilizers, OOO PCF KNT-Plast will produce PVC compounds and PVC film, and the Tattsement plant will launch production of modified cement.

In 2019, Alabuga SEZ plans to finish the large-scale construction project of the new Synergy-2 industrial park. The second stage of construction is spread out over a modern manufacturing area of 75 thousand sq.m. with unique infrastructure and gas connections in every module.

Currently, Alabuga SEZ supports 30 operating plants with a total staff of 6,802. The sum of investments made by SEZ residents totals RUB 123.4 bln, and as of January 2019, combined revenue for 2018 topped RUB 82 bln, according to preliminary data.

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