Frequently asked Questions

How to become a resident?

It only takes 4 steps:

1) Registration of a legal entity in the Yelabuga municipal district, preparation of a business plan and constituent documents

2) Presentation of the project at a meeting of the Expert Council

3) Presentation of the project at the meeting of the Supervisory Board of the SEZ «Alabuga»

4) Signing an agreement on the implementation of industrial and production activities / obtaining a certificate of assignment of resident status

What is an Expert Council?

The Expert Council is a collegiate body whose main purpose is to evaluate the business plans of companies intending to obtain the status of a SEZ resident.

Main tasks of the SEZ Expert Council:

  • - evaluation of business plans
  • - making a decision to support the business plan or to refuse to support the business plan
  • - assessment of the financial solvency of the applicant
  • - assessment of the significance of the project for the development of the real sector of the economy
  • - assessment of socio-economic indicators
What is the minimum investment amount?

Only a commercial organization with a minimum capital investment of 120 million rubles can become a SEZ resident

How to enter Alabuga Polytech?

To enter the largest educational center for the preparation of working specialties "Alabuga Polytech", you must leave an application on the website, register on the hr platform and complete the Business Cats business simulation.

What benefits does SEZ «Alabuga» provide?

Residents of the SEZ «Alabuga» are provided with tax and customs benefits. The income tax rate has been reduced to 2% during the first 5 years from the formation of the tax base, to 7% - over the next 5 years, and to 15.5% until 2055. Taxes on land, transport, property are canceled for residents for a period of 10 years.

The regime of a free customs zone operates on the territory of the SEZ. All imported equipment is exempt from customs duties and VAT. Residents of the SEZ «Alabuga» have their own customs post.

Also, the SEZ «Alabuga» guarantees at least 20% of trained highly qualified specialists at the request of residents.

On the territory of the SEZ «Alabuga» there are ready-made production facilities, which allows enterprises to localize in the shortest possible time

SEZ «Alabuga» provides social infrastructure - the management company built the cottage village "Three Bears" for top managers and specialists of resident companies, the international school Alabuga International School also operates here.

Is it possible to purchase land in the property?

Yes, it is possible after the commissioning of the facility.

What is the cost of those accession?

In «Alabuga» technical connection is free.

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