Just within a few years we have managed to create the perfect conditions for launching a large-scaled investment projects and achieved impressive results in the infrastructural development of the special economic zone.


Property tax
Land tax
Transport tax

Profit tax

There are preferential tax rates on profit for residents

Including federal tax they make:

  • 2% the first five years
  • 7% next five years
  • 15,5% till 2055
Taxpayers can use accelerated depreciation with coefficient 2

Customs facilities

SEZ «Alabuga» operates as a free customs zone

Import duty

The SEZ residents are exempted from import duties and taxes on foreign equipment if the free custom zone procedure is applied as long as foreign equipment stay at SEZ’ territory till the end period of an investments agreement.

28 ha Area of the customs terminal

The customs terminal in 28 hectares with modern equipment allows to reduce customs procedures.

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