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"Alabuga" will engage in the water supply of Yelabuga


Water supply and sanitation in Yelabuga from now on will be conducted by the management company of a special economic zone "Alabuga". Since January 1 a concession contract became operational, implying the transfer of objects of Yelabuga's water utility to the posession of management of JSC "SEZ" Alabuga".

Yelabuga water canal, whose main facilities are located next to the SEZ, has traditionally provided the water not only to city, but also to residents of the special economic zone. Much of the equipment and the majority of engineering networks by now are seriously outdated -- suffice to say that the water losses in the networks reach 40%, and dilapidated pipes are forced to reduce the pressure in the network, in order to avoid accidents. Repair and modernization are required to water intake, water treatment systems and treatment plants. According to preliminary calculations, the cost of the required work is not less than 3.5 billion rubles, including the priority - 1 billion. Challenging task of modernization of water utility was assigned by Tatarstan leadership to  management team of a special economic zone "Alabuga", which has already proved its effectiveness. For "Alabuga" renovation will improve the quality and reliability of the water supply for residents, who also sometimes make claims to water quality. The management company will invest in the modernization of its own funds and will be engaged in fund raising for various federal programs.

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