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RGCC committees meeting in «Alabuga»


The visiting joint meeting of the committees and on the localization of taxation, accounting and controlling of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce has been held today in the special economic zone «Alabuga». The meeting discussed the possibility of placing foreign companies in special economic zones and the use of government support mechanisms for import substitution.

Russian-German Chamber of Commerce — one of the largest business associations in Russia. RGCC represents the interests of all German companies operating in Russia and of Russian companies operating in Germany. The chamber consists of more than 800 German, Russian and other member companies.

SEZ «Alabuga» is also a member RGCC, and now a special economic zone has become a venue for the visiting session of the two chambers of committees. During the meeting, the participants made a number of reports on the ongoing leadership of the Russian Federation policy of import substitution and support the relevant industries. RGCC Committee members expressed their views on the effectiveness of state support measures. In particular, there has been the success of the special economic zones as a place where created all the necessary industrial infrastructure. According to the representatives of a number of German companies, existing infrastructure is one of the most important criteria when deciding on the localization of production.

For the guests of «Alabuga» SEZ presentation and tour of the site was carried out. And in the company’s distribution center Havi Logistics RGCC members in dealing with the management of the company personally convinced that the establishment of production in the SEZ is beneficial from the point of view of logistics, tax and customs privileges.

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