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The US ambassador visited «Alabuga»


The ambassador of the United States of America in the Russian Federation John Tefft visited the special economic zone «Alabuga» within the working trip to Tatarstan today.

The CEO of SEZ Timur Shagivaleev told John Tefft about a special economic zone and successful experience of her residents.

John Tefft asked T. Shagivaleev about the tax privileges provided to residents. Also the ambassador paid attention that Tatarstan is the leader in the Turkish investments into the industry. In turn, Timur Shagivaleev noted that SEZ is open for any investors regardless of their nationality.

The ambassador also took an interest, on what industries SEZ «Alabuga» is focused. Timur Shagivaleev told that the management of a special economic zone tries to use as much as possible existing advantages of Tatarstan, attracting on a platform of processors of polymers, producers of autocomponents. At the same time in «Alabuge» projects and in other branches are realized.

Members of delegation asked how the state policy of import substitution affected work of SEZ. «All our productions initially are import-substituting», — Timur Shagivaleev answered. Thus the policy of import substitution stimulates business to opening of new productions in SEZ «Alabuga».

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