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"Alabuga" creates the best infrastructure in the world, including human resources: Rustam Minnikhanov personally saw this today


On October 14, the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov, took part in the signing of an agreement on targeted training between "Sollers Ford" and "Alabuga" SEZ, and also inaugurated an electrical installation laboratory funded by the Turkish company "Joshkunoz". 

To develop human resources and provide residents with highly qualified specialists with leadership qualities, a modern educational center "Alabuga Polytech" was created on the territory of SEZ "Alabuga". President of "Sollers Ford" Adil Shirinov and General Director of SEZ "Alabuga" Timur Shagivaleev solemnly signed an agreement according to which the educational college "Alabuga Polytech" will prepare high-tech specialists for the largest resident of special economic zone "Alabuga" - "Sollers Ford" company.

The modern educational center "Alabuga Polytech" trains qualified personnel according to WorldSkills standards, which are in demand among employers - chief engineers of new production facilities, shop managers, sector professionals. Today, resident companies are receiving real requests for specialists to work on the latest industrial equipment. During their studies at "Alabuga Polytech", students receive all the necessary skills, relevant competencies and official work experience. Military-patriotic education also plays a significant role in training, which allows us to form a combat brotherhood, love for the Motherland and a desire to develop our country.

Then Rustam Minnikhanov took part in the opening of the electrical installation laboratory, where the Chairman of the Board of the holding "Joshkunoz" Oya Joshkunoz Aktash and the General Director of LLC "Joshkunoz Alabuga" Ejevit Oktem were present in videoconference mode.

Oya Joshkunoz Aktash attended the college "Alabuga Polytech" a few months ago and was pleasantly surprised by the modern equipment of the college and the unique approach to learning. "We have an educational center that was founded in 1988, so we always support educational projects. I want to congratulate Timur Nailevich on the opening of such a modern college – this is really a very interesting place," said the Chairman of the Board of the holding "Joshkunoz".

The enterprise-resident of SEZ "Alabuga" - "Joshkunoz-Alabuga" participated in the financing of the laboratory "Alabuga Polytech", having received the preferential right to choose candidates for employment from among students during the development of educational programs. This is a significant step in the development of an educational cluster on the territory of the best special economic zone of Russia.

The electrical installation laboratory of "Alabuga Polytech" educational center received accreditation from Worldskills Russia in July 2021 and was recognized as the center for conducting a demonstration exam according to WorldSkills standards for the competence "Electrical Installation". The laboratory is equipped with the latest training stands for practicing electrical installation and troubleshooting skills, working with metering devices and much more.

Special economic zone "Alabuga" today is a full-cycle partner that provides industrial, construction, social and human infrastructure. Following the best world practices, "Alabuga" builds, on the one hand, a perfect infrastructure for the investor, and on the other hand, it attracts the best personnel and provides them with decent remuneration in accordance with the result. For the development of large-scale projects in our country, there is already a serious need for high-tech personnel, which is why the educational center "Alabuga Polytech" was created, whose graduates will be engaged in the implementation of projects important for the country and the world.

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