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Water treatment plant: 2 reservoirs ready for operation


As part of the reconstruction phase of the water supply facilities of the Yelabuga town work was carried out to clean the existing tank at the water treatment plant after the completion of the construction of the 2nd tank of domestic drinking water with a volume of 20 000 m³.

From June 26 to July 8,employees of the Yelabuga Vodokanal carried out cleaning and disinfection of the existing reservoir, which was put into operation in 1997. This procedure was last performed 17 years ago. After completing these works, a chemical and bacteriological analysis of the quality of cleaning and disinfection was carried out. According to the results of the analysis, the tank fully complies with the sanitary and environmental standards requirements and can be put into use.

The new reservoir has received a commissioning certificate and is ready for use.

Due to the use of 2 reservoirs of clean water with a total volume of 40 000 m³, the employees of the water utility will be able to maintain their condition in accordance with the sanitary and epidemiological rules. Reservoir cleaning will be performed annually in the future.

For reference:

A concession agreement entered into force, providing for the transfer of facilities of the Yelabuga water utility to the management of the SEZ Alabuga in 2017.  Vodokanal, whose main facilities are located near the SEZ, traditionally provided water not only to the city, but also to residents of the special zone. During this time, the employees of the vodokanal have completed a large amount of work on the modernization and reconstruction of its facilities, and it has been simultaneously reconstructing the District treatment facilities since 2018. The total cost for the concession period for current activities is 299.1 million rubles.

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