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"Alabuga" is consistently in 1st place - the results of the Russian SEZ rating are announced


On December 16, a press conference was held dedicated to the V National Rating of investment attractiveness of special economic zones of Russia, where "Alabuga" was declared the best SEZ of industrial type, taking 1st place.

The press conference was attended by Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Sergey Galkin, Director of the Association of Clusters, Technoparks and Special Economic Zones of Russia Andrey Shpilenko and others.

"Traditionally, for several years in a row, the special economic zone from Tatarstan — "Alabuga" - has become the best. To date, "Alabuga" has been able to introduce the best models into its activities, including advanced requirements for climate orientation, which is currently the dominant factor in choosing a platform for investors," said Andrey Shpilenko.

Today "Alabuga" is a full-cycle infrastructure partner that provides the best conditions and opportunities for investors. SEZ "Alabuga" has long ceased to be an ordinary land plot with connected communications and tax benefits, being at the moment a grid company with its own electric grid and lowering infrastructure, having its own construction company, a modern training center for workers and an international school.

At the moment, the team of SEZ "Alabuga" faces ambitious tasks - recall that on November 22, the Supervisory Board of "Alabuga" approved a breakthrough scenario for the development of "Alabuga", which involves co-investment in private projects in the amount of 200 billion rubles over 5 years. This will increase the indicators of "Alabuga" by 3 times, increasing the revenue of residents to 320 billion rubles per year, the number of residents to 195, and private investment to 435 billion rubles.

"Special economic zones have proven their effectiveness. The volume of payments paid to the budget by SEZ residents almost 3 times exceeded the volume of benefits received. Residents' payments also exceeded budget investments in SEZ infrastructure," commented Sergey Galkin, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

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