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Mikhail Mishustin held a meeting with members of the Government of the Russian Federation in the SEZ “Alabuga”


On July 10, Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Vladimirovich Mishustin visited the special economic zone "Alabuga".

During the visit, the CEO of the SEZ “Alabuga” Timur Shagivaleev told the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation about the results achieved: the amount of contracted investment volume is 134.7 billion rubles, the revenue of residents in 2019 exceeded 82 billion rubles, the volume of tax and customs payments for the whole the period of activity amounted to 22.3 billion rubles. Thus, taking into account the cluster effect, governmental investment has paid off twice. Also, Mikhail Vladimirovich Mishustin got acquainted with the development of the SEZ “Alabuga”, visited the plant of Rosatom “Alabuga-Fiber” for the production of carbon fiber and held a meeting on the construction of the road “Europe - Western China”.

When visiting the “Alabuga-Fiber” enterprise, a tour of the plant was conducted by Alexey Likhachev, the General Director of Rosatom State Corporation.

The main goal of “Alabuga-Fiber” production is to ensure substantial growth in the new composites market in Russia, as well as to create a complete technological chain for the production of polymer composite materials.

The construction of this plant was an important step in implementing the import substitution program. And it is no coincidence that the SEZ “Alabuga” was chosen for this purpose - the site fully complies with complex technical requirements, providing its residents with a ready-made world-class infrastructure: electricity with a capacity of 100 MW in the 1st reliability category, 290,000 cubic meters per hour of gas, water supply, railway. Also, the SEZ “Alabuga” offers its residents ready-made production premises for rent of A + class: from 2000 to 40000 sq m, with polymer floors, facade glazing, anti-aircraft lights at the factory; with independent ventilation, electricity and gas.

After the meeting, Timur Shagivaleev presented the development strategy of the SEZ “Alabuga”, the potential for the development of microelectronics production in the territory of the SEZ “Alabuga”, as well as international best practices in financing infrastructure, science and industry.

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