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The resident of "Alabuga" - Kastamonu - introduced the 34th class laminate flooring to the Russian market


The leading manufacturer of the woodworking industry in Russia – the Kastamonu company, which is a resident of  SEZ "Alabuga", has expanded its product portfolio with laminate of the 34th class of wear resistance. The first batches of products have already gone on sale in September.

One of the largest residents of "Alabuga", Kastamonu, has supplemented the assortment line with laminate of the highest 34th class of wear resistance. The new collection consists of four decors and is called Ultramarine. This is the first manufacturer of the 34th class on the Russian market, certified for two indicators at once: abrasion resistance and impact resistance, in contrast to the European standard, which regulates only the abrasion index.

"Having firmly established ourselves in all the main niches of the laminate flooring market, we continued to develop and released a collection of laminate of the 34th class of wear resistance. This will open up new opportunities for further growth of the Kastamonu business and, of course, will help meet the demands of the market and end consumers for high-quality and environmentally friendly products, " commented Ali Kilych, General Director of Kastamonu Russia.

Laminate of the 34th class has a number of significant advantages over materials of the 31-33 class – it has increased wear resistance and a longer service life. The additional strength of the laminate is achieved by meeting more stringent requirements for dimensional stability.

The Kastamonu plant for the production of MDF, HDF and laminated floor coverings has been operating in the special economic zone "Alabuga" since 2014. The company produces laminate from the 31st to the 34th class of wear resistance and various types of MDF boards, including moisture-resistant and fire-resistant. The production capacity of MDF boards is 1.05 million m3 per year.

In March 2021, the company launched the third laminate production line in record time. Thanks to this, the annual volume of laminated floor coverings produced at the plant in SEZ "Alabuga" reached 45 million square meters.


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