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When choosing a location for the plant, the TEAM of this site is important


The well-known Technonicol company has announced plans to build a plant for the production of thermal insulation from stone wool in the Novgorodskaya special economic zone, which is under the management of the most efficient SEZ of Russia "Alabuga". The opening of a new production facility is planned for 2024 and will create more than 250 jobs.

"We are interested in attracting the best industry specialists. We plan to participate in the training of such personnel: to start cooperation with the Novgorod Construction College, on the basis of which an educational center similar to the engineering college "Alabuga Polytech" will appear, – comments the Technonicol company. 

By creating the best infrastructure in the world, it is important for us to provide residents with high-tech specialists who will contribute to the prosperity of business. That is why the practice-oriented educational college "Alabuga Polytech" was created, the concept of which interested many regions of our country.

"We considered several sites for the construction of a new plant and settled on the Novgorod region due to the unique characteristics of this region. Moreover, the management company of SEZ "Novgorodskaya"  is the Management Company of SEZ "Alabuga", which has proven itself in Tatarstan. In my opinion, this is the strongest team in Russia for the launch and development of industrial zones, and its participation will ensure the success of the Novgorod project," comments Vasily Tkachev, head of the Mineral Insulation direction of Technonicol.

It should be recalled that Technonicol has already located and has been successfully operating a plant on the territory of SEZ "Alabuga" in Tatarstan since 2019. The company's activities are aimed at import substitution in the market of mounting foams.

The team of SEZ "Alabuga" faces ambitious tasks, one of them is the opening of new federal sites of "Alabuga" throughout Russia. Alabuga's practices are in demand in many regions of the country, as evidenced by the direct interest of the governors. But the creation of the site is a multi-year project. Choosing Alabuga - regions choose an effective, working product.

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