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High standards of education for children in Alabuga: Alabuga International School received CIS accreditation.


Following an evaluation visit by the Commonwealth Council of International Schools (CIS) International School team in May 2022, Alabuga International School received a positive decision on accreditation on July 12, 2022. The first application was made in 2016, and since then the school has undergone a lengthy authorization process, constantly strengthening its base and confirming compliance with all international requirements. CIS accreditation is a sign that an educational institution meets all international standards of education, welfare and safety.

Alabuga International School provides the highest level of educational environment and infrastructure. The strategy of education and training contributes to the comprehensive development of children, preparing competitive, thinking and independent decision-making students to meet the global technological and temporal challenges. Teaching at the school is conducted on the IBO International Baccalaureate program, as well as on the British Cambridge system by international teachers and practitioners using global experience in education. The school uses in-house strategic skills and leadership training tools to develop students' financial literacy, emotional intelligence and critical thinking.

A unique practice-oriented educational infrastructure has been created at Alabuga - its part also includes the Assessment Center and Alabuga Polytechnic, the largest center for training of workers with a capacity of 10 thousand people per year, where highly qualified and competitive specialists with leadership skills are trained. Under the guidance of engineers from the plants-residents of the SEZ «Alabuga» the trainees master current professional competencies in the in-demand areas. «Alabuga» is a full-cycle partner, providing investors with the world's best infrastructure, including advanced human resources.

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