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The Supervisory Board of SEZ «Alabuga» approved additional investments in the amount of 30 billion rubles


Today, on February 18, at the last supervisory board of SEZ «Alabuga», a large-scale project of the company «Kastamonu» to produce wood slabs worth 30 billion rubles was supported. «Kastamonu» has also signed a major agreement under which SEZ «Alabuga» will train qualified personnel in the amount of 200 people for the needs of large-scale expanding production over 10 years. «Kastamonu» is an example of a returning client, which confirms the attractiveness of the investment climate of SEZ «Alabuga».

The CEO of «Kastamonu» in Russia, Ali Kılıç, highly appreciates the contribution of SEZ «Alabuga» to the development of large-scale woodworking production: « SEZ «Alabuga» is undoubtedly our partner. We are proud that there is very good management in Tatarstan, in Alabuga. If you feel that the management is good, any obstacles can be overcome!»

Recall that «Kastamonu» is already the fifth project implemented by «Khayat Holding» in Alabuga, the total investment volume is approaching $ 1 billion.

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