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«We are educating children ready to change lives on a global level for the benefit of humanity»: Alabuga International School has started a new academic year


Today, Alabuga International School celebrated the start of the new academic year. The school opened its doors for new 29 students for the first time.

Elvira Fomina, head of the administration service of the educational cluster of SEZ «Alabuga», personally greeted the students at the festive ceremony: «We are launching a new academic year at Alabuga International School. How joyful it is that every year there are more and more of us. Today we have 88 families, 129 students, 80 full-time employees. This year 29 new children came to our school for the first time. The classrooms have replanished, and the kids have matured a lot».

«The strategy of our school is to educate intellectually capable children who will master technologies in step with the times. Happy children», - emphasized Elvira Mikhailovna. - Optimistic, ready to change lives not only locally and federally, but also globally for the benefit of mankind».

Alabuga International School has a unique academic program that incorporates the knowledge of two programs: International Baccalaureate and STEM education. In addition to fundamental knowledge, a special feature of the school is the development of leadership through strategic directions of development, through financial literacy. Educating the student through emotional intelligence, through critical thinking, which allows to be oriented to the needs of others without infringing on their own interests.

«We are tasked with creating technological sovereignty for our country. We believe that the Alabuga International School program and in particular the aspects that are embedded in them will help the children to grow as future engineers, biotechnologists, scientists, programmers, who will be able to provide new turns in the development of the country», - AIS says.

Before the start of the new academic year at the international school, the children were introduced to their teachers and afterwards the most distinguished students were awarded. The children showed good results in national and international Olympiads.

While the children had their first class hour of the school year, the parents held the first meeting, during which the main changes in the educational programs and policies (standards) of the school were presented. During it, the students' moms and dads asked all the questions they were interested in and gave their suggestions on certain topics.

On the first school day, students also played team-building games, had a meeting to form a psychological mood for the new school year and took part in many other activities.

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