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We cannot imagine how Alabuga will grow without Alabuga Polytech


Alabuga Polytech’s students are our great asset. SEZ Alabuga’s CEO, Timur Shagivaleev, underlined this during the panel of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan.

During his presentation, he talked about the educational centre, and newly created residential infrastructure: Alabuga Polytech Headquarters and Yuzhniy Park, a new residential complex.

Besides, the CEO of Alabuga SEZ noted that the company plans to build a new residential area called Tsentralniy Park, that will accommodate 50,000 residents, where one half is designed for dormitories, the other for mortgage houses.

“If a company’s planning horizon is just one year, you do not need to work with HR. In the first year, we employ all interns. In their first year, they do not know how to work. You need to pay wages, to provide housing. They distract senior management. In the first year, they have a negative value. But in the second year... We cannot imagine how Alabuga will move on without Alabuga Polytech! It is enormous wealth, that we have created,” Shagivaleev said.

The shortage of staff is the most important issue today, according to Minister of Industry and Trade Oleg Korobchenko. According to him, the industry needs over 11,000 specialists: engineers and process engineers. In the next 7 years, it is required to prepare 166,000 qualified workers.

According to Korobchenko, today, the Association of Industrial Companies of Tatarstan, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Education, is working on several solutions to the personnel problem. These include robotization of production, attraction of staff from abroad, and other measures within Russia.

“All these require creating conditions for the accommodation of the specialists. This approach was chosen by Alabuga Special Economic Zone, which built the Yuzhniy Park residential complex for 4,200 people. The construction of such housing is now beneficial for everyone. One person, hired in the industry, generates 1 million rubles in taxes and 17 million in revenue. Investment will return in two years, following the example of Alabuga, in one year,” said Korobchenko.

Alabuga Polytech is the largest educational center in Russia, with a capacity of 10,000 students per year. It trains qualified labor and implements a dual education program.

Thus, the college students in the first half of the day master their skills on modern equipment under the mentorship of the best engineers from SEZ Alabuga’s resident-plants, and in the second half, they study secondary-vocational subjects. At the same time, they undergo internships in specialized departments of the company. Upon graduation, the alumni become highly qualified and in-demand professionals on the job market, already having work experience. 

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